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Peyton H. Roberts, M.A., is a creative writer and communication professional who grew up sewing sundresses and writing poetry. Her career includes serving as assistant editor of American Veteran Magazine, coordinating media relations for the San Diego Red Cross, teaching public speaking in college classrooms, and directing youth ministries on Guam. A military spouse and mom, Peyton holds a Master’s in communication from San Diego State and a B.A. in business from the University of Florida. Her stories have appeared in The New York Times, Modern Love Podcast, Military Families Magazine, and more. Her novel Beneath the Seams (Scrivenings Press, May 2021) debuted to 5-star reviews and was an Amazon #1 new release.

Called to Write

My writing journey began in elementary school when I published my silly rhyming poems and simple short stories under the handwritten label, “Peyton’s Publishing Productions.” During college it became even more clear that writing was my thing when I majored in business but stacked my course load with glorious writing electives like speech writing and Writing and Love.

I landed my first writing job as assistant editor at AMVETS’ American Veteran magazine, where I researched and wrote about American military history. During that time, as two chaotic wars were underway, I married a Navy guy who I’d dated since high school. Together, we embarked on a mostly sweet (but sometimes bitter) journey as a military couple.

Since then, our change of geography every few years has led me into nonprofit, community, and corporate communication roles. My favorites include working for the American Red Cross, the Coronado Police Department, Novartis, and the Lutheran Church of Guam, where I organized family service trips to an orphanage in The Philippines.

After returning stateside, our family grew by two (that sounds so simple, right?), and my role transitioned into military mom. Our family became my priority as we powered, and sometimes trudged, through Navy workups and deployments. My outside-the-home work transitioned to freelance writing and teaching communication classes as adjunct faculty at Regent University.

Amid the constant uncertainty of military family life, writing has been the seam connecting my professional and personal endeavors. In San Diego, I researched my way to a Master’s degree in communication and edited an edgy collection of poems into a book for an acclaimed poet.

On tropical Guam, I blogged travels and diving adventures at Peyt’s Island and wrote a local produce column for The Guam Guide. In Virginia Beach, I compiled My Dearest Bea, a collection of letters written by my grandfather William J. Holston to my grandmother Bea during the painful deployment on the USS Midway following their wedding day. Additionally, my work has appeared in numerous national publications, including The New York Times, Military Families Magazine, Line of Advance, Stars and Stripes, As You Were: The Military Review, and Romper. One of my travel stories was picked up by National Geographic.

My social impact novel Beneath the Seams (Scrivenings Press, May 2021) debuted as a #1 new release on Amazon in contemporary Christian fiction. Combining research and interviews from the dark side of the fashion industry with a heartwarming mother-daughter tale, this story emulates my personal journey from sewist to shopaholic to Remake ambassador, and has sparked thought-provoking discussions at book stores and book clubs around the world.

Beyond writing, I love connecting with friends old and new. Please don’t hesitate to say hello.

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My Love List

I don’t always know who I am. But I believe we are what we love. Here’s a little about what I love most.

I love the Lord. I believe in a God who seeks us… who loves us enough to leave his throne and chase after us. I don’t believe in blind faith. My faith has been tested time and again. God the Father continues to reveal himself as the writers describe him in Psalms… as my stronghold, my refuge, my rescuer, the author of my life.

I love to write. Writing helps me make sense of things that don’t make sense. Writing is where I turn when problems beg to be solved. Writing is how I connect with people I love. Writing is my calling, my vocation, my love language, my act of service to God and world.

I love a man in uniform. I married a man I fell in love with during high school. I loved him hard while dating thousands of miles apart during college, and when oceans separated us after we married. I love being his wife and I love spending time with him in the seasons we’ve been gifted to share together. Because “love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” (Khalil Gibran)

I love our family. I love being a mom. I love reading children’s books. I love doing arts and crafts and singing silly songs. I don’t always love my full-time job as family manager. I don’t always love the messes, the illnesses, the sleeplessness, the responsibility of raising human life. But I love being a mom. And our children and our family time are my favorite priority.

I love to sail. I love the peace I feel when I’m out on the water, separated from all the problems nesting on land. I love traveling the way man has traveled for thousands of years, fueled by breeze, followed by sun, free as a fish. I love putting life on hold to simply exist on the sea.

I love letters. I love transferring the notes of my heart onto a page that can be held in your hand, shared across miles, and reread half a century later. I love how rereading a favorite letter soaks me in love. I love wedding invitations addressed with calligraphy… the culmination of writing and love and letters and art that flourishes from the dark dregs of the inkwell.

I love… love. Love is my why. Love is why I write. Love is why my family comes first. Love is why my faith guides everything I do. Because God loved us so much He sent his love, personified, into the world through his son Jesus—our telltale of how to live kinder and love harder. In Him we live and move and have our being.

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