Book Clubs

Welcome, Book Club Readers!
Book clubs have been an important part of my writing journey. Joining a book club brought me back to reading fiction, and eventually writing it.

Invite me to your book club
It would be such a joy to join your book club discussion about Beneath the Seams. To invite me to Zoom in, please send a note with details here.

Beneath the Seams Complete Discussion Guide

Beneath the Seams is a great book for sparking rich conversations about family, fashion, faith, and friendship. Some questions are available in the back of the book. The complete list of discussion questions is available to download here.

Spoiler alert: The questions give away some of the story.

Conscious Fashion Tips

Changing my shopping habits to reflect the values in Beneath the Seams was challenging but completely worthwhile. With the help of the advocacy nonprofit Remake, I have compiled my top conscious fashion tips.

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