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Personal Interview. The Modern Love Podcast. The New York Times. July 13, 2022. (Interview begins 14 minutes in).

“Saying Goodbye to a House Full of Memories.” Line of Advance. First Place, 2022 Col. Darren L. Wright Memorial Writing Award. Aug. 1, 2022.

“Hiring Our Heroes amplifies career moves for spouses.” Military Families Magazine. September 2022.

“What to know when a military family loses a child.” Military Families Magazine. October 2022.

“A way with words: Nonprofit uses letters to reach lonely veterans.” Military Families Magazine, July 2022.

“Gold Star families celebrate return of local Memorial Day race.” Military Families Magazine. May 25, 2022.

“What do you love about being a military family?” Military Families Magazine. May 10, 2022.

“In the trenches together: A Navy wife’s untimely death illuminates the strength of military spouse friendships.” We Are the Mighty. May 6, 2022.

“Never Forgotten: New Initiative invites military families to honor fallen service members Memorial Day weekend.” Military Families Magazine. May 2022.

“Would she recognize him?” The New York Times. April 5, 2022.

“6 tips for minimizing waste in a PCS move.” Military Families Magazine, April 2022

“Military spouse blogger shares top trips and tips for traveling across Europe with kids.” Military Families Magazine, Mar. 2022.

“This is how they roll: Amid rising housing costs, RV life offers a portable solution.” Military Families Magazine, Feb. 2022.

“A Hundred Thousand Dollar Day.” Line of Advance. Aug. 31, 2021. This story received third place in the Col. Darron L. Wright Writing Award and honorable mention in the Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship.

“How to Stop Buying Clothes: Tips from a Former Over-Shopper.” Joyful Life Magazine. Jul. 9, 2021.

“The first step of writing a novel? Getting out of your own way.” Women Writers, Women’s Books. April 27, 2021.

“Duty Phone.” As You Were: The Military Review. Vol. 13. Nov. 11, 2020.

Honorable Mention – Flash Fiction. Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship. Aug. 2020

This Mother’s Day, Tell Us We’re Doing A Great Job. In Writing.” Romper. May 4, 2020.

“FAQ’s about Christian Marriage Counseling.” March 2019.

“The Chore of Saying Goodbye.” The Blast – Journal of Naval Special Warfare. Fall 2018. p. 54.

Feature Stories

Top 10 Snorkeling Spots on Guam. The Guam Guide. Mar. 2014;
Picked up by National Geographic Snorkeler

“12 Best Dives on Guam.” The Guam Guide. June 2012.

“10 Spots for Family Fun on Guam.” The Guam Guide. July 19, 2012

“10 Activities for Adventure Lovers on Guam.” The Guam Guide. July 26, 2012

“Ready or Not.” Bellissima Magazine, January 2008, 4 pp.

“Far Beyond Words.” Absolutely Memorial Magazine, July-Aug. 2006, 3 pp.

“Recognizing the Need.” American Veteran Magazine, Spring 2005, 6 pp.

“Pursuing the Goal.” American Veteran Magazine, Summer 2005, 5 pp.

Interviewed presidential cabinet member Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jim Nicholson in an in-person, one-on-one feature.

“In the Name of Service.” American Veteran Magazine. Fall 2005, 3 pp.

“Sharing a Story, Leaving a Legacy.” American Veteran Magazine, Winter 2005, 2 pp.

“Liberating the Truth,” American Veteran Magazine, Spring 2005.

“View from the Top,” American Veteran Magazine, Summer 2005, 1 p. Text and photographs.

“Salute to Heroes.” American Veteran Magazine, Winter 2005, 1 p. Inauguration activities – Introduction.

Regular Columns:

The Fresh Factor – Weekly local produce column. The Guam Guide. March – August 2012

Keeping Posted – Veterans’ news updates. American Veteran Magazine. Fall 2004 to Fall 2005

Here and There – Internal news and events from across the nation. American Veteran Magazine. Fall 2004 to Fall 2005.


Peyt’s Island – Adventures in Guam and elsewhere, 2010-2012

Ghostwritten Columns and Opinion/Editorials:

“Freedom’s Pacific-specific challenges.” Stars and Stripes Newspaper, 20 May 2005.

“Another Voice on Veterans’ Issues.” National Guard Association Magazine, Aug 2005.

“Commander’s View,” Regular column, Fall 2004 – Fall 2005. American Veteran Magazine.

Refereed Papers Presented at Professional Conferences

Coufal, T. & Roberts, P. (2010). Feels Like the First Time: The Influence of Interpersonal Communication, Traditional Media, and Internet Sources on First-Time Voter Decision. National Communication Association National Convention, Chicago, IL

Andersen, P. & Roberts, P. (2010). Political Discourse on Facebook in a Time of Change: The Election of 2008. National Communication Association National Convention, Chicago, IL

Roberts, P. (2010).  Positively Negative: Huckabee, Paralepsis, and One Confusingly Effective Press Conference. Western States Communication Association, Phoenix, AZ


Finalist, Col. Darren L. Wright Memorial Writing Award, Aug. 2021.

Honorable Mention – Flash Fiction. Pen Parentis Writing Fellowship. Aug. 2020

San Diego State University, Jack Mills Memorial Scholarship, 2008

National Military Family Association, Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship, 2008

American Red Cross, Golden Key Employee Award for Commitment to Self, 2008

University of Florida, International Business Scholarship, 2003

University of Florida, Andersen Scholar, 2003

Houston Endowment, Jesse H. and Mary Gibbs Jones Scholar Award, 2001

Valedictorian, Stratford High School, 2001; class rank: 1/454.

As the land disappeared from our window leaving nothing but ocean in our sights, I said my final goodbye to Guam. Island time has come to its end and our two years together in tropical paradise have transitioned into the realm of memories now.

And so a new story begins. And thankfully, as all my favorite stories do, it begins together.

Peyton Roberts, “So Long, Paradise.” Peyt’s Island. Sept. 2012.

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